Constantly Improving

I presented my final project (Secondary Design) to my class on Thursday. Despite there being many improvements to be made over the next 2 weeks, I am quite proud of how I have improved over my second year already.

The help of additional illustration classes and being taught by tutors who had experienced BCU student life themselves, really benefit me. As someone who has always had the ideas but not the skills to illustrate them, I am glad that my drawing is really coming along but I am sure I will always be a template girl and I am going to begin to build a library of poses, faces and styles for future projects to save me crucial time.

My presentation of my concept was, however, a bit weak. My strong point has never been presenting but I am happy that I attended and my confidence is developing each project slowly but surely. I really want to practise discussing my ideas with family and friends before I attend interviews for placements and jobs because I know my concepts inside and out, it's just vocalising them!

Here's some really rough sketches from my design development... now to colour and shade!

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