Team Business Plan Project

As we break up to begin work placement next week, I am currently evaluating our business project. With a team of seven, I believe we created a really strong business plan for a company named Pure Essential and overall, this project has opened my eyes to the possibility of starting my own business as well as where to seek guidance. Below is a snippet from my evaluation.

My role in the company was team co-ordinator and sales, however, we all helped each other complete our tasks and offered advice whenever necessary. I am quite pleased with the sections of work that I completed which included the desk and field research as well as business cards and newsletters which allowed me to use my knowledge of Photoshop. My role also entailed creating the Facebook and Twitter pages for our brand which I believe is a strength of mine. Feedback from the presentation was that we could have included competitions and giveaways in order to boost marketing as well as including a hashtag facility where we share images taken by our customers on our pages, promoting ourselves by making our posts viewable by a wider audience.

Some additional work we could have completed would be producing the design for an exhibition stand which we looked into the pricing of and began to design but due to time did not complete or include in the business plan. We also miscalculated the total cost of exhibiting at The Ideal Home Show and so would need to factor this into the final finances and deduct it from our profits meaning we would still breakeven. We met the day before and the morning of our presentation to practise and time the final presentation which helped us be more confident and professional. I believe we had a positive response from our business idea and could actually be a viable business plan.

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