An Update: Creating Brand Identities!

It’s been a while since I have found the time to post on my blog, mainly due to the sheer work load and working on modules whenever I have a free moment. My final module of second year was heavily focussed on Branding with a live project in collaboration with Burberry. This was such an enjoyable project although it was completely new to me. My brand was Burberry X Lowery, a theoretical brand collaboration with children’s illustrator Mike Lowery themed around encouraging children to enjoy learning rather than burying their heads in their phones and rejecting education. My young teenage Collection was heavily print focussed and were inspired by characters and quotes from Mike Lowery’s illustrations. The brand identity developed naturally into a lively and playful concept with store layouts and festival events considered in the final brand book. The brand identity book was, in fitting with the concept, printed to look like a school exercise book and displayed in a small carry case with enclosed activities, stickers and pens.

Since my last post I have gone into third year and have completed one module on trend forecasting major and micro trends which I achieved a 2:1. I am overwhelmed by this result as this was the quickest turnaround I have ever had for a project and really tested my ability to work under pressure. Again, my current module, where I chose to create a sporty brand identity for a teen target market, is due in a matter of days and requires a lot of brand work. 

As the trend concept for my brand Wanderlust - Carousel Collection, I have focussed on being young and having fun, with focus on adventure, fairgrounds and vivid colour. Here are some polaroids I have taken for my research and trend development as I venture further into my final year of Fashion Design with Communication!

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