It's show time!

Tonight is the preview catwalk show for the whole of third year BCU Fashion Design course and I have my ticket! I'm really looking forward to watching the design students work come to life on the runway and also scout out potential collaborations for my final year magazine. As a communication student, my work will be on display in a static exhibition and here is some examples of my third year work so far...

Trend Forecasting Module - Humans are Endangered too.

This module was based on climate change and the impact that we have on the world that we live in. My favourite element was the photoshoot which I styled using high street brands and collaborated with photographers, Amanda Fry and Stephen Berry. I produced a zine and digital trend book E-pub for this module.

Branding Module - Wanderlust

This module involved creating and marketing our own fashion brand. My brand was a female teen sportswear brand names Wanderlust, with the store being a chill out, cafe experience for young people as well as a fashion store. I enjoyed collaging my research and developing prints from them and will endeavour to continue this in my final module.

As I'm now in my final project, I'm hoping to collaborate with as many creative people as possible, from illustrators to influencers and designers to poets! If you are interested in being featured in my creative magazine, please get in touch. Now to the fashion show!

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